The ABV doesn't lie

As I mentioned before, it's become unfashionable among brewers to give beers names which give drinkers a chance of figuring out what they taste like.

But I have hit upon a cunning strategy to thwart their nefarious naming schemes.

At the last beer festival I attended, the same numbers kept appearing over and over again: 3.2%, 3.8%, 4.2%. I realised that these are the secret style indicators.

3.2% is usually a dark, refreshing mild.

3.8% can range from very pale to brown and will be intensely bitter if you're lucky.

4.2% is generally a horrible overly sweet mid-brown mess full of toffee.

There's something to be said for second-rate micros all making the same three beers after all.


  1. Perhaps it is time to be honest and accept that many of the 700 micros actually brew dull, generic beer and aren't in any way standard-bearers of quality and innovation.


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