Beer Swap: beers finalised

Well, I've got my beers and they're ready to be boxed up. I did say this in my last post on the subject, but we don't have enough stores in Glasgow selling good beer. The demand is clearly there — every shop in town was sold out of one local brewery's beer yesterday when I went looking for it.

My parcel from @beermerchants has arrived, but I'm promising myself I'm not going to open it until I've sent off my own Beer Swap parcel.


  1. Mine's gone off now too, exciting times!

    Took me a while to select but I was struggling with finding regional stuff that was different from what the other Real Ale Reviews chaps (Alan & Sam) were sending. Beer Ritz in Leeds sufficed in the end but next time I'll be going a little further afield.

  2. Peckhams isn't bad, Byers road have an 'OK' selection, Hyndland and town are a little better.


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