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Don’t cast your cloot til May is oot

  I love beer gardens, I really do, but it’s tough beer gardening in Glasgow at the best of times. We are not blessed with the climate of Bavaria and so each spring, when I optimistically head to West on the Green for my first open-air lager of the season, I have grown used to drinking it with gloves and a scarf on. It was good training for this year, when the Scottish Government’s plan for re-opening hospitality included a three-week purgatory stage, when pubs can serve alcoholic drinks, but only outside. I had four layers on and after an hour I was shivering despite eating a hot meal. I resolved that I would wear long johns the next time I ventured out. The brewery’s dark lager, now renamed DRK because nobody in Glasgow knows what a Dunkel is, is suitably caramelly and toasty. In the nation that of necessity thinks taking a blanket and a thermos of soup to the beach is a perfectly normal precaution, I had confidence that Glaswegians would return to pubs even if they had to sit outsid

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