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Golden Pints 2022

This has been a strange year, and a lot of the classic Golden Pints categories don’t make any sense for me any more. You might think that the paucity of posts on the blog means I’ve lost interest in beer, but I haven’t – I just have difficulty finding time to write up my experiences. What is true is that this year I have concentrated more on pubs than on beer. Partly because I was travelling a lot, partly because I’ve started an attempt to visit every pub in Glasgow, and partly because I have sought out heritage pubs rather than beer-exhibition pubs. So there haven’t been as many outstanding beers as in normal years – but enough, I hope, to fill the crucial spots. Most Drunk Beer: Without a doubt I have drunk more Tennent’s Lager this year than any other beer. This is not by free choice: for various reasons, some listed above, I go to a lot of pubs where Tennent’s is all there is. That’s not strictly true, of course; they do sell other beers, but I don’t enjoy them any more than Tenn

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