As a discussion on any beer forum grows longer, the probability of it turning into an argument about the history of India Pale Ale approaches 1.


  1. I think that particular argument is an inevitability and is part of the natural growth cycle of a beer forum.

    Other inevitable arguments are:

    The difference between Stout and Porter.

    The origin of Porter (the terms "Intire But" and "Three Threads" will be used and the name "Harwood" will be mentioned and decried).

    The definition of "Lager" (yeast type or cold conditioning?).

    The Reinheitsgebot as a good thing or a bad thing.

  2. Variations on "what is the difference between porter and stout" make up easily the largest category of search engine enquiries leading to visits to the Zythophile site, which is strange when the answer is so simple - "there isn't one". (Ducks as inevitable row starts up around him ...)

  3. At least you get beer-related queries. Most of the search engine traffic to my blog is due to the review of Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer I wrote back in May or June.


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