What an odd label

Lunch Bier? What is that supposed to mean? I’ve heard of Dinner Ale (and breakfast stout), but Lunch Bier is a new one on me. What it was, I have no idea. But look at that stunningly simple 1960s design.

Interesting that according to the label there was a Lunch Bier consortium (Gemeinschaft) of which the Brauerei Becker was a member. This sort of arrangement was common in German brewing for niche products such as alcohol-free beer or diabetic Pils.

And they bothered to register the trademark in the US, too. How strange. Were they exporting this stuff to the US, or just hoping to? Perhaps the entire Lunch Bier thing was aimed at English-speaking export markets in the first place. If anyone knows more, I’d love to hear from them.


  1. Hi - we have in our possession a design book published in the 1960s and it includes 3 spreads about Lunch Bier. It says that "Lunch Bier is (was) a new high-quality product, manufactured by a number of German breweries, and promoted nationally as a brand".

    We have posted the pictures on our own blog - I hope this helps shed a little light on the matter for you :)



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