Oxford Companion to Beer: the clouds gather

Over at Zythophile Martyn Cornell has been ripping the Oxford Companion to Beer a new arsehole. I’m trying to avoid reading his piece until I’ve finished writing my own review of the book (and yes, it is a bizarre experience to have a book in my hands that the contributors haven’t seen yet).

There is already a wiki devoted to the book’s many errors.

My review will follow soon, honestly. I’m still only in the N’s. So far I can say: although there is plenty of good stuff in the book, it is so sloppily put together and so patchy in quality that I cannot in all conscience recommend a purchase unless you have money to burn.


  1. I bet the fourth edition will be excellent. Perhaps they should have put (Beta) after the title?

  2. I don’t think it’s even ready to go into beta.

    Ron has a new post explaining in excruciating detail why Dornbusch’s stuff about Old Ale is crap: http://barclayperkins.blogspot.com/2011/10/horst-again.html

  3. inaccuracies aside; worth a look?

  4. Depends how flush you are feeling. If £35 is nothing to you, go ahead – I won’t seriously argue that you'll learn more about beer by drinking ten pints.

    But I'd recommend dropping cash on something by Charlie Bamforth, Ron or Martyn instead, depending on where your interests lie.


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