Adnams Ghost Ship

I don’t post many tasting notes on here. This is chiefly because I find other people’s tasting notes incredibly boring to read, and I wouldn’t like in turn to inflict such boredom on anyone else. But Adnams were nice enough to send me a bottle of their new seasonal beer Ghost Ship, so here is what I thought of it.

First surprise on opening the bottle: it’s fruity and citrussy in aroma, I think I recognise the distinctive Citra straight away. Second surprise on pouring the beer: it’s brown! Well, more deep amber really.

The “malty backbone” claimed on the label is less apparent; it’s actually quite light-bodied for its 4.5%. Head retention is poor and a bit of caramel is all that distracts from the hops.

In the glass the Citra is subservient to the big dank charge of other hops — Columbus and Chinook according to the website — almost meaty and oniony aromas, and a bitter, oily finish.

If I were to describe it in terms of other beers, it’s somewhere between Bengal Lancer and 5am Saint, and can be recommended with confidence to anyone who likes those resiny New World hops. 5am Saint left me with a lasting aversion to these hops a couple of years ago with its offensively penetrant Oxo-cube aroma. I think Adnams might be the doctor.



  1. Why is it called Ghost Ship? Because they're running out of naval imagery for the labels, or because it's transparent and unnerving...? I don't get it.

  2. Apparently it “takes its inspiration from Adnams‘ 600-year-old haunted pub, The Bell.”

  3. Boy, that's tenuous. I guess it beats calling it "Old [INSERT PROPER NOUN]" though.

  4. Tried it a couple of years ago on draught, is an excellent beer and a perfect antidote to the darker beers that Adnams seem to produce regularly

  5. Bailey - it's not tenuous if yer from East Anglia me old mucker.


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