Beer Swap: what I'm not sending

While Scotland may be blessed with some fantastic breweries at the moment, Glasgow is short of good outlets, both off-licences and pubs. This is not a criticism of the ones we do have, I just wish there were a few more! Amazingly, the products of some of Scotland's finest breweries are tricky to find here in the capital.

This means that I'm still scouring the stores looking for certain beers that I have in mind.

A slightly annoying factor is not knowing what my swap-recipient can get locally. It means that to be on the safe side I have to leave out several great breweries, such as Harviestoun and Williams Bros, as their beer is so good that it already gets national distribution (well, I think it does. I haven't been all round the country to check). No Orkney or BrewDog either, although they are at the other end of Scotland anyway so technically ineligible.

At the other end of the spectrum, a secondary problem is that many of the local beers are not bottled so are non-starters: most of Kelburn's and Houston's beers, for example.

I've acquired two bottles as yet. Both are (I think) good quaffing beers. What are they? You'll have to wait until it arrives at the other end for me to spill the beans. Now perhaps I need something a little bit special. I have three contenders for two slots, depending on what I can get.

I am secretly tempted to put in a can of Tennent's Lager, just for a laugh.


  1. You should - I'm toying with Carling, Worthington or maybe a C2......decisions, decisions......


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