BrewDog 77 Lager

This has been out for months but I've only just got round to trying it now. I subconsciously assumed it wouldn't be very exciting. How wrong I was.

This is a fantastic lager.

As soon as you pour it the aroma of perfumey hops fills your nose and if you have the olfactory memories I do you are immediately transported in your mind's eye to a beer garden somewhere in the Black Forest on a sunny Sunday morning in November.

It's better than any lager I've had outside Germany and better than the vast majority of German Pils too. Sweet, clean malt supports the hop aromas and makes way for a deliciously long, bitter finish. I was a bit surprised it's made with Amarillo hops and not a German noble hop.

Really a fantastic lager. If you have friends who say they don't like lager, let them try this. It's absolutely perfect and completely blows me away.

I'm actually rather embarrassed about how this gushing this review is. I nearly didn't post it in case people assumed I was getting paid, but I really don't have a single bad word to say about it.


  1. When I tried it a few months back in tandem with some Budvar and another craft Czech lager I found it somewhat disturbing that it is so similar to BrewDog's IPA range. It is a good beer, but it most certainly is not a pilsner.

  2. I was prompted to try some of this by your review, and was pleased to find it available at Tesco at three for £3 (normally £1.29 a bottle). I would agree with Velky Al - it's a good beer, but more like a junior brother of Punk IPA than a true German lager.

    I would also prefer to have beers of this strength (5.0% ABV) in 500ml bottles.

  3. It doesn't taste anything like Punk IPA to me. Oh well, another one to class under "unpopular opinions".

  4. We had this on cask at Stockport Beer Festival this year and very good it was, too. One of the best "cask lagers" I have tried.

  5. I thought it was ok. I'm not generally a fan of lagers and 77 didn't do a lot to change my mind. I thought it was actually remarkably similar to the Cult that it replaced. If I'm wanting something refreshing from BrewDog I'll stick to the Zeitgeist.

  6. I'm with you and I think this is a great lager. I'd fill my fridge with it an as everyday bottle without thinking.

  7. Some fantastic lager being made in Scotland at the moment: 77, Williams Ceilidh, Harviestoun Schiehallion. I love proper lager.

  8. I don't like lager generally, its too bland and tasteless (I'm talking your Bud's etc) but this 77 is cracking. Sainsbury's are doing it in a 4 case pack at the moment for £3 (and the Punk IPA too) in Edinburgh stores. Absolutel bargain.

    I'm a fan of most of the Brewdog range I have to say and I became the proud owner of a bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin today.... at £35 it's almost a shame to open it!!


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