Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fyne Ales and Stewart slug it out in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Stout lovers, or those who just like a fight, should keep the 6th of February free. That’s when the next round in a series of battles of the brewers takes place simultaneously in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

No actual fisticuffs will be involved, but Glasgow illustrator Tom Holmes has produced a suitably lurid poster in the style of old boxing promotions.

In the blue corner, Stewart Brewing of Edinburgh, cocky after having seen off Harviestoun and Williams Bros in previous episodes of this series.

In the red corner, Fyne Ales of Argyll, whose sideboard full of awards should have them quietly confident about taking on any brewery in Scotland.

Both breweries have made a flavoured stout: Fyne’s is [redacted in the interests of keeping everyone in suspense — see comments] while Stewart are remaining tight-lipped about precisely what has gone into their brew.

Tickets are a fiver here or at the venues – Holyrood 9A in Edinburgh and Inn Deep in Glasgow, which gets you half a pint of each beer and the fuzzy feeling of knowing that the proceeds are going to charidee – Yorkhill hospital in Glasgow and Aberlour in Edinburgh.


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  2. As a non attendee I'd like to know (especially with my ratebeer hat on) but it can wait until after the event.

  3. The idea is that it's a blind tasting, so I think it's best people don't know who made which until after they've voted. That way people won't be prejudiced if they already have preconceptions as to which brewery is best.