Friday, 26 April 2013

Gold is the new brown

Have you noticed how quickly things change?

Talk about “boring brown cask ale” is really out of date.

The general trend in cask ale is pale and hoppy. A new beer from one of those sleepy old family brewers is more than likely to be straw-coloured.

It’s the trendy hophead brewers whose beers are getting browner and browner – Innocent Conscience, Elixir Conviction IPA, Cromarty AKA IPA – some better than others but all decidedly brown.

I realised what had happened just recently. I found myself having to reassure members of CAMRA, bumped into as they were on a pub crawl hunting for pale and hoppy, that they were going to like a copper-coloured beer.

(It was Alechemy Five Sisters, and they did like it.)


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  3. Actually I would say red is the new brown, judging by the number of best bitters being rebranded as "red ales".

  4. Looks like we're heading for a scene where the only place you'll be able to find a pint of dark amber bitter served in a dimpled jug is in a hipster bar, surrounded by bearded 30-year-olds with man-buns.

  5. Martyn, you should try the swish new craft beer bar in Lincoln, the "strait and narrow", where you queue to get in the door all hours of the day - at times when every other pub in the town is completely deserted, to be served pints of Timothy Taylors or Nottingham Rock Mild from dimpled jugs. Weird (but in a good way).