Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Quite a bit going on this weekend in town.
  • The cult pub the Halt Bar is having some sort of beer festival, though what exactly is involved I have no idea
  • Today (Thursday) the Pot Still is celebrating one year of management by the Murphy family by (among other things) having four different cask porters on tap.
  • Maclay’s pubs have a “Scottish Craft Beer Festival”, which they appear to interpret as selling lousy Caledonian seasonal beers
  • More promising is the launch of a new beer from Fyne Ales at the State Bar on Friday
  • Pint glass thieves can look forward to Tennent’s new limited edition glass in selected bars on Friday
  • Friday through Saturday the Granary on the south side is having a pub festival with a difference. There will be a temporary stillage set up in the pub. I was dubious about this idea at first, but having seen it at the Drum & Monkey (another Nicholson’s pub) a couple of weeks ago, I have to say it’s marketing genius. The stillage becomes a real talking point among customers and you feel like you’re in Dickens as the barperson disappears to pour you a pint from the cask. Can’t imagine the staff are too keen on it though, as it must involve a lot of walking to and fro.

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