Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Köstritzer Englisches Doppelbier

What about this then:

“Since the popular Köstritz English double beer has sold so well, I hereby make known that I have once again received a respectable quantity of best March brew (which is even higher in quality than the October beer), and [this] can be had in large and small containers and also in bottles. ” 

This ad from Johann Heinrich Meyer in the Staats- und gelehrte Zeitung des Hamburgischen unpartheyischen Correspondenten of 12 May 1802 appears to be evidence that English-style beer was being traded, and possibly brewed, in Köstritz. I wonder what it was like?


  1. What a great little text.

    I've often wondered about the history of Köstritzer Schwarzbier. This has only raised more questions.

    Doppel-Bier is pretty vague. There are several things it could refer to. The refernces to March and October immediately make me think of a Stock Beer. It could also mean something like a Double Stout, but in that case I would have expected to see the word Porter mentioned.

    It definitely sounds like it was being brewed in Köstritz.

  2. Köstritz was famous for good beer since way back when, but what has struck me is the paucity of references to its colour.

  3. There are a few German styles where virtuallt nothing seems to have been published about their origins and history. Altbier, for example. Someone needs to do some proper research.

  4. I also stumbled upon the englisch köstritzer in other sources, and began a series on brewing in Köstritz on my blog