Thursday, 11 October 2012

Löwenbräu output 1873–1899

Löwenbräu presents here a list of the growth in the output of the brewery over the previous few years. Very useful. It was claiming to be the largest brewery in Germany at the time.

The Brewery “Zum Löwenbräu” existed already in 1765 on the Löwengrube in Munich; it was acquired by the previous possessor Mr. LUDWIG BREY in 1818, and by him removed to the Nymphenburger Str. at the place where it is still now.
In 1872 the Brewery passed over to the possession of the Joint Stock Company.
The Brewery employs to-day 770 workmen and functionaries. The motory power of the Brewery consists of 6 Steam Engines of together 1200 effective horse power, and the required steam is procured by 11 steam-boilers of 830qm heating surface.
There are 16 Double Malt-Kilns of 1170 qm basis in the clear to dry the produced malt.
With the five Brewing Works existing, 1220 Hectolitres of Malt can be brought to Brewing pr. day.
To provide the required quantities of cold, the powerful refrigerators with 10 Compressors No. VI Linde’s system provide for.
There are produced:—
Dark and light Export-Beer, Bockbier which is very vigorous, and Märzenbier highly distinguished by the delicacy of its taste.

YearSales in hectolitres

I wonder what happened between 1894 and 1899 to more than double sales?

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  1. I love old statistics like this.

    I've got a graph of Löwenbräu output over a long period of time in an old post: