Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Zombier staggers onward

Jake, departing head brewer of Fyne Ale Wil Wood, and Chris
It wasn’t intentional, but Zombier stole the show at Beer Week with a secret cask going on sale on Friday night at the Three Judges. This firkin sold out in three and a half hours, a record-breaking achievement for such a strong beer (6.9%).

There was more to celebrate for its creators, homebrewers Jake Griffin and Chris Lewis, the following weekend when between them they took the top two places in the Porter category at the National Homebrew Competition in Bristol. Jake additionally came third in the Specialty Beer section with a rye pale ale. Like the undead, these two seem unstoppable at the moment.


  1. This is bothering me - shouldn't Zombier be brewed by Braaiiins?

  2. Ah, sorry - I see you made that joke in an earlier post ...

  3. Oooh where's Wil headed and who's succeeding him? Strange coincidence that it was both porters that won them gongs! Will either Impale or zombier be bottled?