Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A moment of calm

Glasgow Beer Week starts on Friday and I’m quite looking forward to it.

This year there’s a special beer. I can’t believe it’s not Kölsch. WEST have made it (I suspect there wasn’t time to brew a bottom-fermenting beer) and last week
I had the good fortune to get to taste it from the tank, before filtration. It’s pretty nice. The use of Chinook alongside the German noble hops sounds like a radical departure, but it works well, giving the beer a slight citrus note, but it still has a proper Kölschy taste to it.

I’m going to attempt to drag the Scottish Brewing Archive Association chaps over to Glasgow Green after their conference on Friday to drink it. On the way we’ll drop in to a few jakey old pubs.

Other highlights (for me) include a foraging walk on Sunday to pick herbs (or whatever we find), which will be used to flavour a beer brewed at the Clockwork brewery round the corner. Then on Monday Ron Pattinson will be giving a talk on the history of British lager. A former Skol brewer and a current lager microbrewer will join him for a chat.

I’m helping the Roving Fromage match beer to cheese on Wednesday, and on Friday we have a packed schedule with Marverine Cole introducing a beer dinner at WEST, and our closing party will be a double whammy: it will feature both IBD winners Impale and Zombier side by side (ok, we got gazumped on this by the Holyrood 9A), and the venue is a brand new beer bar, Inn Deep at Kelvinbridge.

There’s much more than that going on, but (in this sense, regretfully) Beer Week has now got big enough that I can’t go to everything. You can check out the full programme here:

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