Monday, 4 June 2012

Made with 100% recycled ideas

On my way into town on the bus the other day, I spotted this ad for Tennent’s new-ish (launched onto the market six months ago) beer Caledonia Best. 100% Scottish barley is a good claim, I suppose, but doesn’t it sound a wee bit familiar?

Oh, hang on.

Yeah, I did think I’d seen it somewhere before.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Since the launch of Caledonia Best, a carbon copy of Belhaven Best, the latest new product from the brewery, just a few weeks ago, was Tennent’s Export Lager, a carbon copy of Stella/Peroni/Beck’s in the obligatory green bottle.

Now that they’re even recycling other brands’ slogans, it seems that original ideas are not in demand at Wellpark.

I can exclusively reveal that this is just the first in a series of posters – the forthcoming ads are shown below for the first time in any media (because I made them up):

(The invoice is in the post folks.)


  1. what about "total first pint refreshment"

    I wasn't quick enough to stop my friend ordering this last weekend...result=barely touched pint

  2. I'm afraid that name (albeit with a slightly altered spelling) immediately makes me think of the great Louis Jordan rather than beer.