Friday, 26 August 2011

Truman’s, the cunning sods

As someone who likes that sort of thing, I was happy to see that a few people down in that London have revived the Truman’s name and are having beer brewed under contract until they can acquire their own premises — repossession of the historic Brick Lane brewery, before which I genuflect every time I pass it, presumably being out of the question. Their Summer Runner is a perfectly decent bitter, dry and flinty. I think they should really be brewing Porter, but that’s my problem.

It wasn’t until I was wandering about London recently that I twigged what they’re up to.

East London is still dotted with a fair number of these beautiful old ex-Truman pubs with the tiled frontages. Some are still open, some long since closed (and I dare say a great many similar ones have been demolished, but that need not concern us here).

Get the brand noticed, and people will start asking for it in these pubs that say “Truman’s Ales & Stouts” outside, thus putting pressure on them to stock it. Now that’s clever. 

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  1. Two great ideas me and Boak had and never acted on:

    1. "Someone should start brewing on that kit in the backroom of the William IV in Leyton!" (Along came Brodies.)

    2. "Someone should buy the rights to the Truman's name. Free advertising everywhere!" (Here's one of our posts with photos of Truman livery in East London.)