Friday, 5 August 2011

Jakey pubs in Wishaw

Jon at The Brew Site is curating The Session this month on the topic of sour beer.  On an apparently unrelated subject, I was in Wishaw recently. Don’t ask why I was in Wishaw. But I’m on a mission to visit jakey pubs whenever I can, so I sought out a couple.

The Imperial Bar in Wishaw. It doesn’t get much jakier. It’s so jakey that it is in CAMRA’s Scottish Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors (Jakey Section).

I was last in here years ago with a female friend. At the time they refused to serve us, because they didn’t have a women’s toilet. It’s possible they still don’t. The gents’ are ancient (The gents are also ancient). A once-handsome interior with booths. Sorry no pictures as I was scared to take any.

Here, you drink lager and whisky. That is pretty much all there is. It’s one of the most spartan pubs I’ve been in for a quite a while. Blended whisky, no fancy single malts here. A pint of Tennent’s Lager during the week will set you back £1.75. They also have McEwan’s light — a rarity these days — at the same price.

Nobody drinks the light. I know because mine had gone off. Even keg beer will go off eventually, or maybe they just hadn’t cleaned the lines. It actually made the beer more interesting, adding a Rodenbachesque acidity to it. I didn’t finish it though, as the thought of what might be living in the pipes spoiled my appreciation of the beer.

That’s my sour beer story. 


  1. Oh yes - Tam Parks as it is known locally - was a dive 20 years ago when I worked in Ravenscraig and occasionally had a pint if I'd just missed my bus. Took a young mate in one night and after he'd asked where the TV, juke box and fruit machine were, was told that there was an amusement arcade across the road if he wanted to play games but where he was was for drinking.

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