Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Details of London pubs

1959 | Charrington | Toby Ale | Pale Ale | OG 1046.6 | FG 1009 | 4.65%ABV

Just off Old Street, this pub has either not long for this world…
… or the developers intend to build around it. If it were going, it’d be gone already, wouldn’t it?

Imagine if there were some way of drinking awesome draught beer at home!

You have to admire the tenacity of this place which still
has a petition in the window even as the building next door is being demolished.

Courage Ales (it’s just a sign mate, we sell Fosters)

Public Bar

Delivery hatch right in front of the door to the public bar – why?

Nice old pub, closed. Not all London pubs are doing well.


  1. Your second pic is the Three Crowns. Used it a few times some years back while in the area. Nothing special apart from the big atrium linking a split level ground floor with the basement. Used to get packed after work, then empty by about 8pm. It's more or less across City Road from The Old Fountain.

  2. I walked past the British Lion a couple of years ago, glanced through the door, and was stared back at by eight of the most terrifying 1980s skinheads I have ever seen. It was quite an, ahem, English pub.

    Re: the pub being developed around, the Albert on Victoria Street is just like that. Crap pub, beautiful building, dwarfed by surrounding glass towers.

  3. I'm not sure that last pub is closed: there was a neon side on the side advertising strippers. I doubt it's the kind I sampled at the Swansea Beer Fest in '82.