Monday, 4 July 2011

Younger’s No 3 is back …

I was surprised a while back to see Younger’s No 3 on sale in a Glasgow bar. Surprised because it was discontinued years ago. More surprised because it was in a bar which has Stewart Brewing’s No 3 as one of its regular beers. The Stewart beer is widely thought of as an imitation of, and excellent substitute for, the discontinued and quasi-legendary Younger’s product (though ask the brewery and they won’t admit it), so it was a perfect opportunity to taste both side by side. Brilliant!

Younger’s: Chocolate malt, some yeast character. Bit of dark sugar maybe, not sure. No fruit to speak of. Respectable bitterness, satisfying aftertaste. It was selling very well as it happens, a lot of people clearly remember it.

And the old-style pump clip too!
Stewart: Very similar actually, slightly fruitier and a little sweeter. Rich and chewy, not as dry.

There are a lot of mysteries here. Why did S&N discontinue this in the first place? Why have Heineken started brewing it again (presumably at the Caledonian)? Having decided to brew it again, why didn’t they tell anyone? Not sure but it’s probably something to do with the sub-contracting of the sales and marketing of the S&N “heritage” brands (McEwan’s & Younger’s) to the secretive Jygsaw Brands outfit. Perhaps we are just part of a bit of market research to see if the stuff sells?


  1. Oh man If I'd seen this in 2011 I'd have driven all the way to Glasgow. Has it been seen since?

  2. I totally agree, its not that far from North Wales to Glasgow. Regards, Steve the Ex Patriot Geordie No 3 Lover

  3. Has anyone got the recipe for youngers number 3 thanks