Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Paisley Beer Festival opens today

Scotland’s biggest beer festival opens today at 3pm, featuring over 160 beers. I am knackered just thinking about it.

For the tickers among you here is the foreign beer bar list, i.e. what has actually been delivered rather than what is in the programme. There is a pretty small amount of some beers, so you should probably come early if you want to be able to take your pick of these.

Follow @PaisleyBeerFest and/or #pbf24 for updates throughout the festival.

For the benefit of those who still think CAMRA is anti-lager, I should point out that festival volunteers have had to be ordered to stop supping the Bernard nefiltrovany lager from the Czech Republic, so that there would be some left for the punters.


  1. Was the Bernard dispensed with extraneous carbon dioxide? If so then that would indeed be progress.

  2. No, it was served the proper way, by air pressure.