Saturday, 18 December 2010

Moany Christmas post

You can feel it already, the Christmas spirit. In my terms it means all the pubs are clogged up with amateur drinkers when I want to go for a quiet pint.

Why don't these people go to the pub the rest of the year if they like it so much? If they did we might not see so many pubs closing.


  1. Well yes, I do agree, but the solution is to do what I do; be a miserable git at home and save our money to patronise the pubs in January when they a desperately quiet.

  2. I was at a pub last night which was crammed full of once a year drinkers - apparently it was even busier in the afternoon when the offices chucked out early - and there were absolutely no clean glasses in the place. People were waiting to be served whilst the staff were waiting for the glass washer to finish its cycle, running the glasses under cold water, and only then were they able to serve people. And the buggers drank all the Inveralmond Ossian before I got a second pint!

    Despite this, and the licensee's patience being tested, he was, of course, more than happy to have their money in the till!