Thursday, 28 October 2010

West/Schanzenbräu opus:e

This is a collaborative beer with Schanzenbräu from Nürnberg, brewed at West in Glasgow to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the two cities’ twinning. The first sniff gives toffee, malt, floral hops. CO2 is a tad high but it doesn't detract too much. Very nice beer. The colour is amber, unfiltered. Splendidly rich, has the malty body that lacks in most British lager. I am imagining a touch of smokiness in it. They have switched to all Bamberg malt after a dalliance with British base malt and the brewers say they like it better. The glory of this beer is the substantial hoppy bitterness that makes it satisfying, a lager to drink with relish. Prost.


  1. West remains on top of my 'must visit' list in the UK. I actually visit Glasgow occasionally with work, but really need to stay over or something next time for a visit.

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