Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Daevid Fyfe

I just found out that Daevid Fyfe, the brewer at Glasgow's Clockwork Beer Co, died suddenly last week.

I wish I could write a proper tribute, but the truth is I didn't really know him. He struck me as a lovely, rather reserved man, and the couple of times I did meet him his love of brewing was evident.

One time he was nice enough to show me around the brewery. It was after Maclays, formerly a brewer and now a pub company, had taken over the Clockwork. Technically, having closed their brewery in Alloa a few years earlier, they were re-entering the brewing trade by acquiring the tiny Clockwork plant, and Daevid was amused at the thought that he had by default become Maclays' head brewer.

I went down to the Clockwork today to drink a pint of Amber Ale in his memory. He told me that of all his beers, that was the one he preferred to drink himself.

RIP Daevid.

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