Monday, 23 August 2010

Och aye P. A.

The Ingram Bar in Glasgow is an okay pub and if you’re arriving at Queen Street Station, as so many backpackers do at this time of year, it might be the first pub you encounter. So I suppose it’s understandable that they tartan up their offer a bit like this:

Inside, though, they have English beer — Greene King IPA.



  1. Haha. It's probably safe to assume that anywhere making a point of advertising itself as local ... isn't local. :P


  2. Admit it - that was just a brilliant title in search of a post, wasn't it?

  3. On a (vaguely) serious note I've noticed this as well. The Ingram used to have Dark Island & Isle of Skye beers on all the time, but now it's almost only ever the GK IPA (not even a Belhaven ale). Even the Fisherman's Tavern in Broughty Ferry (my old local) is heading slightly down this path after a Belhaven/GK takeover - sigh...

  4. Greene King has been a disaster for Glasgow pubs. My friends won't go to the Station Bar any more because the beer selection has been so poor on the last half dozen visits. Even the Doublet has Abbot Ale more often than anything else.

    Zak: No, honest!

  5. Amen on the real Irish craft beers. :) Great to see that PH are bottling now, too. Wishing I had some!

  6. To be fair to the Doublet, it's not that they put on Abbot more than anything else; just that when it is on it lasts 2-3 days, in contrast to something like Stewarts No.3 or Taylor's Landlord, which usually last no more than a few hours.

    The Doublet's beer selection has actually got better since the Greene King takeover of Belhaven: they began selling virtually nought but Bury bilge like everyone else, but realised it wasn't selling that well, and branched out into far more interesting beers than Belhaven.