Sunday, 4 July 2010

Colours of Scottish Brewers beers

That's Scottish Brewers the company, not Scottish brewers in general. What later became Scottish & Newcastle. Rather an arrogant choice of name, don't you think? As if they were planning to exterminate their rivals and be the only brewers left.

This looks a fair bit older than Friday's document about cask beer in the 1980s. The only clue I have is that Bernard beer is listed. T&J Bernard was bought over by Scottish Brewers in 1960 and stopped brewing. How long Scottish Brewers continued selling beer under the Bernard's name, however, I have no idea.It could be as early as 1961-ish, or much later.

I can't make head nor tail of this. Seems people in Inverness liked their beer particularly dark.


  1. Cool, cool, cool. You've picked out some good bits at the archives.

    I saw you mention the lack of Younger's brewing records. Fom what I saw they had a really good set, from both breweries. Just that they are in a crappy, almost impossible to read format. I'd have posted more about them, but they make my head feel weird every time I look at them.

  2. Yeah, but the 20th century ones are thin on the ground, which are the ones I'm most interested in. There are a few late 19th century Tennent's records, but they seem to be abbreviated production records rather than actual brewing logs. I'll bung some up so you can see what I'm on about.

  3. I presume the "Tint" refers to figures on a Lovibond Tintometer, or similar for beer colour (like a duller version of one of those funky red 1970s 'View Master' viewer things)

  4. I know next to nothing about colour measurement, but isn't 20 Lovibond already pretty dark? And most of the numbers there are higher than that.

  5. Barm, this is an incredible document. I didn't realise initially, because I looked at it on the small screen of my netbook.

    Do you realise what it's saying? That brewers were making their beers in several colours, presumably by adding caramel.

    And it tells me that Younger's XXPS was 70/-. Really, really, handy.

    Thanks very much for finding and posting this.

  6. I realise what it says, but I didn't realise that colouring the beer up was in any way an unusual practice. I thought it was par for the course.

  7. Barclay Perkins had a couple of different-coloured versions of their Mild, but nothing like as many as that.

    That document fills a hole in my knowledge of Younger's beers.

    Younger's brewed a really weird way. Loads of tiny brews.

  8. I'm with Ron. Youngers are a complete pain in the ass. It was nearly impossible for me to easily see the whole log until I got to use my bosses 30" Mac Cinema monitor. Translating them are completely different from other breweries. However it seems this way for most of the Scot breweries...

    How are the later versions of Youngers? do they get any better?