Thursday, 24 June 2010


I'm off to the Scottish Real Ale Festival in Edinburgh today and looking forward to some nice beers. Orkney have Dark Island Reserve on cask which may be an exclusive.

I was also looking forward to trying West beers without extraneous CO2. Until I heard that the beer hasn't actually arrived. Boo.

Oddly, the beer list describes their Red and Dunkel as "German-style ales".

Seems the word lager is still taboo in some quarters.


  1. That is nuts, especially given that you could make an argument for conditioning to be a form of lagering, just not at such a cold temperature.

  2. I don't count a week as lagering even if you do it at zero degrees!

  3. Dunkel an ale? Munich red an ale? Think you're right, seems like convenient rebadging to fit into the "real" ale festival.

  4. I didn't say the argument was particularly compelling! Though I do know a a few American "craft" breweries that "lager" their bottom fermented beers for little more than a week.