Sunday, 2 May 2010


I haven't finished writing my post about the Paisley Beer Festival yet. In the meantime, here is a picture. This is what 12 Thornbridge beers on draught at the same time look like.

This was taken on Thursday. By Saturday there were three left.


  1. I made it to the festival on the Saturday afternoon, but by that time there were no Thornbridge beers still on. Gutted, still haven't tried any of their beers.

  2. Oh, you have - Punk IPA is basically the same, except Jaipur is a little sweeter and they don't keep changing the hops.

    You must just have missed me, I left about 4pm having had some nice Tryst and Highland.

  3. Jaipur's hop additions have been fairly fluid, too.

    WHat other Thornbridge goodies were on offer?

  4. Let's see: Light Ale, Hark, Lord Marples, Jaipur, Hopton, Seaforth, Halcyon, Wild Swan, Ashford, McConnell's, St Petersburg and Kipling.

    Murmansk was on the provisional beer list, but apparently it didn't get delivered. Or perhaps the CAMRA lads supped it all before the festival opened.

  5. I think we got there about 4-ish. The 'half' measures are always rather generous on the Saturday. Had a few Salamander Jalopys and Vital Sparks, both excellent.