Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pub School — the final stretch

I've had a busy couple of weeks and there's a busier one coming up. There've been a lot of beer-related goings-on. I wrote about Eric Steen's Glasgow Beer and Pub Project before. Since then we've had three of the Pub School events. I thought the homebrewing demonstration went well despite a heating element cutting out, which delayed the boil quite a bit, but Owen and Geoff eventually made wort and the audience got an idea of what's involved. The selection of readings at the second class included Tim Webb questioning whether some pubs should be allowed to die, Sam Calagione's worst delivery day and Martyn Cornell on the history of lager in Britain, and in the third week we met Gordon from Williams Bros, heroically standing in for Scott Williams who was stranded in France, and tasted his beers.

We're now approaching the final week of the Project and there is one more class of Pub School to go. This final Pub School will comprise a tour of West brewery to see how their beers are made.

Then on Friday is the centrepiece, the Market Gallery Pub, featuring 30 different beers from private brewers. Having seen the bare space in previous weeks the transformation of the gallery just by adding some furniture is quite impressive. I'd go to a pub that looked like that.

Eric passes the Tennent's brewery every day on the way to the gallery. I keep telling him he should get his picture taken in front of it, ironically. So far no luck.

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  1. alright, i'll do it. i'll even give them a thumbs-up.