Friday, 12 February 2010

Girls who drink pints

There is now a fan page on the book of face dedicated to “Girls who drink pints”. It has over twelve thousand members. Have the marketers wasted their millions coming up with fancy glassware to try to attract women?


  1. Not when you see what they are drinking. Some quite fit birds though.

  2. To answer your question you'd need to know how many drinkers the fancy glassware project is intended to convert, what the allowance for cost-per-converted-drinker is, and how many actual converts they make over the lifespan of the project. Possibly you'll need to know the product-spend per converted drinker too. Of course, only the people actually involved in running and measuring the project will know those numbers, and I'd say it's too early to call at this stage.

    But the point is: women who drink pints are not part of such a project's aims. The point is to get into the purses of the women who aren't.

    If you're suggesting that Big Beer should be content that there are 12,000 pint-drinking women out there I think you're missing the point. Big Beer knows how many pint-drinking women there are far better than Facebook does.

  3. Hmmmm, I think, from a licensee and brewers perspective, the vast majority of women do not drink pints. Some do but most don't. Pint drinking women are very much in the minority.

    I really do not think that the fancy glassware concept is wrong at all and the cognitive dissonance from the beer fan world is inhibiting it's success, in my view.

  4. Does it matter what a girl drinks out of so long as she's a nice bit of eye candy?

  5. By fancy glassware did you mean this one :o)

    It's great to see that there are women out there that already love beer (I'm one of them) but as Woolpackdave points out they are, sadly, in the minority. Our research at BitterSweet showed that 8 out of 10 women seldom or rarely drink beer and 60% never touch a drop. The cynics among us will say that means that 40% do but even those that do drink relatively small amounts compared to women in other countries, currently women make up just 13% of UK beer sales, compared to 25% in North America and 36% in the Republic of Ireland so we have some way to go to get women to really appreciate beer and attractive glassware has a big role to play.

    The fact is that a pint glass isn’t the most stylish of accessories and with 31% of women telling us that beer glasses are ‘ugly and manly’ we hope our new glass will bring style and fashion into women’s beer drinking experiences and have more women choosing beer more often.

    Of course this isn't the only solution and at BitterSweet we're looking at a number of initiatives to make beer more attractive to women from dispelling the many myths associated with beer, to developing products designed with the female palate in mind, and to changing the buying and drinking experiences for them.
    And we're always interested in getting other people's views so if you're interested in sharing them with us at BitterSweet why not write us your own guest post!