Saturday, 2 January 2010

Amateur hour is over

Well, I've done my bit and been out to the pub today. January must be a tough time for publicans with people resolving to give up booze for ever/for a month, or still skint or hungover from New Year.

Not I!

With most pubs closed on New Year's Day, the few that are open do a decent trade. We slipped into The Belle on Great Western Road. This place has recently started selling Anchor Steam Beer on draught. It was pleasant enough but I don't think kegging and CO2 dispense did it any favours. Now if it were Sierra Nevada instead I might be hopeful of finding a convincing keg beer.

One of the mainstays of West End drinking is Tennent's, and it opens on holidays. A couple of pints of Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted and one of Adnam's Yuletide were followed by some polar bear-themed nonsense whose name I can't remember, Orkney Dark Island and Young's Special.

Hooray for pubs!


  1. Re: Anchor Steam & CO2 dispense - Conversely, I had Anchor Liberty Ale on handpump at last year's Leeds Beer Festival - it was stunningly good, really limey and resinous.