Friday, 4 December 2009

New beer nonsense site: caveat emptor

The "Brewers Association", the US homebrew club headed by beer fiction writer Charlie Papazian, has a new, poorly researched site at Looks like Roger Protz isn't the only "beer authority" who can't be bothered to check his facts.

I've only looked at a few pages, but on nearly every one there's some jaw-dropping howler. Whoever is writing this stuff, whether Papazian himself or someone else, please just stop writing about British and European beer. Stop misrepresenting things you clearly don't understand. And don't fill the gaps in your knowledge by just making stuff up.

On the page about beer glassware, we learn:

The Imperial pint was adopted as an official measure by British Parliament in 1824. Shortly thereafter, the "nonick" version of the Imperial pint glass was produced for use in pubs.

The nonik glass was introduced in the 1960s.

Maybe "shortly" means "140 years later" in American English, I can't be absolutely sure.

Or maybe Charlie Papazian just pulls this nonsense out of his arse.


  1. Hard to be sure, but I'm going for the arse one.

  2. You mean to tell me that people in the mid 19th century weren't enjoying their Stella from nonic pint glasses? Go on then smatypants, tell me what kind of glassware your average 19th century truck driver would have had available to him in his local Weatherspoons or kareoke bar.

  3. I see they've corrected it. You're welcome.