Friday, 4 December 2009

Beer Swap: the beers have arrived!

Well, actually they arrived weeks ago, but things have got in the way of me unpacking them – primarily that I wanted to send out my own parcel first!

There's nothing really like opening up a mystery box of beer. One of the nicest bits is finding beers that you never knew even existed.

Two of these breweries, Westerham and Rother Valley, I've never heard of before. The third, Gadd's, I've only heard of because Mark goes on about them all the time. It goes to show that the brewing scene is becoming more localised, after a generation or more of consolidation. Could we really be returning to every town having its own brewery? I don't know, but it's a nice thought.

Here's what @beermerchants was kind enough to send me:
  1. Rother Valley Hoppers Ale
  2. Rother Valley Boadicea
  3. Westerham Little Scotney Pale Ale
  4. Westerham Little Scotney Best Bitter
  5. Gadd's Reserved Barrel Aged Barley Wine
Very much look forward to trying these.

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