Tuesday, 6 October 2009


One of my new favourite breweries is Beck-Bräu Trabelsdorf. I first came across them at the Great British Beer Festival where their Lisberger Lager was on draft, and very nice it was too. Unfortunately I don't have any more details; by the time I tried it I was at the stage of making, ahem, abbreviated tasting notes, i.e. marking them either as GOOD or SHITE.

Last week I got the chance to try Feinherbes Pils too: it has a big, sugary, malty aroma, yet is almost harshly bitter on the palate with a dry finish. Oddly, there is little hop aroma, but it's really very bitter indeed. It's the kind of beer you just want to keep drinking.

The dunkles Jahrhundertbier I had a day or so later from the Magical German Beer Fridge in the Allison Arms wasn't quite as good, being a bit cardboardy and lacking in body. Pity.

They seem to be pretty on the ball. I wouldn't mind trying their strong Rauch-Bock "Affumicator", either. I have put them on my list of places to visit next time I have the good fortune to visit Franconia.

If more German breweries were like this, beer sales there might not be plummeting the way they are.


  1. It makes the job of selling beer easier when the beer is good.

  2. I had the pleasure of trying the Affumicator in Amsterdam last month. Really nice! I'd love to get down there and try the rest of their beers. You lucky sod :) I must see if I can find bottles of their stuff up here.

  3. I'll second Barry's endorsement of Affumicator. It's a great beer. Full of smoky goodness.