Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Naff glass #2: the weird shaped branded pint

Just look at this. Isn't it awful? The shape is all wrong and it looks more unstable than it actually is.

Also, I can't stand pint glasses with logos on them in the first place.

Discreetly branded glassware is fine in Germany and Belgium where most bars sell the same two or three draught beers all the time. Although to be honest I'm not keen on the Belgian way of forcing cafe owners to stock a dozen different kinds of glassware, one for each beer, either.

But it doesn't work at all in Britain where pubs are big, have constantly rotating guest beers and you need lots of glasses. Or rather, it works for the megabrands and against the little microbrewers.

Another reason I hate logo glasses is that so many bar staff don't seem to understand that the branded glass is there to serve that brand of beer in, and no other. I don't know if the correct branded glass really does enhance the drinking experience, but I do know that the wrong one — for example a pint of Deuchars in a Guinness glass — ruins it.

Not to mention: have you seen the state of these things when they get old? It's just as well they all get nicked before they start looking too tatty.


  1. Putting Deuchars in a Guinness glass should be made a criminal offence.

    I'm quite keen on this. Putting the wrong drink in the wrong glass smacks of not caring. We try really hard to get this right. But it can be hard to ensure you do have the right glass, or even style of glass. I will be putting Blanch de Bruxells on the bar soon and have no suitable wheat beer glasses to serve it in.

  2. I think witbier calls for a tumbler of some sort, preferably not the clunky Hoegaarden type though. Have you got it on draught or bottled?

    One of my locals has a magical fridge full of obscure German bottles, but they insist on serving them all in Weißbier glasses, which spoils it a bit (unless it happens to be a Weißbier, which is only about 20% of the time).