Monday, 24 August 2009

Home Office nutters plan to ruin pubs for everyone except troublemakers

The Home Office has commissioned a new design of plastic glass and is apparently planning to try to get all pubs in England and Wales to use plastic glasses instead of real ones.

After Glasgow City Council came up with this stupid idea a couple of years ago and was forced to back down by trade opposition, I naively thought it was dead and buried. But it's back, bigger and stupider than before.

We have beaten back the threat of a general glass ban in Glasgow as stated above, but the council still inconveniences everyone by forcing pubs to use plastic on certain occasions like local festivals, big concerts etc. In these cases I refuse to accept it and leave the pub.

Drinking out of plastic is a miserable experience, as anybody who appreciates a proper glass of beer in a proper pub will agree.

I certainly would stop going to the pub if I were expected to drink out of a plastic tumbler and pay upwards of £3 for the privilege, and I don't think I'd be the only one.

Drunks and violent bams, on the other hand, don't care what they drink out of. So rather than make pubs safer, you drive away the responsible drinkers until only the bams are left.

That'll make pubs safer and more pleasant places. Aye, right.


  1. This type of crap forgets one thing. Decent people don't cause trouble and yobs do. Make a pub somewhere that is unappealing for decent people and you get a pub full of yobs. I cannot be the only put off, for instance, by the presence of bouncers outside a pub. It informs me the place can get a bit rough, so I steer clear and leave the place to the rough sorts that like a fight. Likewise Oldham style queueing systems would have me turning round and going home. Plastic glasses I can accept when sat in the stands of a rugger game or at a music festival. Beer can get knocked over in the excitement. In a pub, plastic glasses would inform me the boozer is a tad rough so I would sup up, leave and never return.

  2. The plastic glass has its place, as stated, outdoors at music festivals etc. Plastic glasses inside pubs are a definite no-no. To be honest, though, I can't see this getting very far-yet!