Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Shepherd Neame Goldings Summer Hop Ale, and some nice Fyne Ale

There's not been enough beer ticking on this blog recently. The other night I was all set to write a review of Shepherd Neame's Goldings Summer Hop Ale, but unfortunately it is so dull that I can't be bothered.

(The glass is for all those pint-glass haters).

On the way home last night though I dropped into my local and had a couple of Fyne Ales brews. First was Crannog wheat beer; the aroma makes clear this is brewed with regular ale yeast, and it has a splendidly bitter finish; the wheat might contribute to its having a very light body, but if it didn't say so on the pump clip I would hardly know there was any wheat in it.

Followed it up with Fyne Vital Spark. I nearly went home after one pint but I'm glad I stayed and had this. I have a note of having this in the Judges back in March, but for some reason we only consumed one pint of this. Either we didn't like it then, or we got the last pint. It's very hoppy. Are those Cascades I can taste? Slight roastiness which marvellously doesn't fight against the hops. Reminds me rather of a dark Punk IPA. Fyne are making some tremendous beer these days.

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