Thursday, 30 July 2009

Are non-beer publications starting to get beer?

Here's an article about women and beer in a mainstream publication that isn't complete crap! Hats off to Zoe Strimper for seeking out a source who knows what she's talking about.

Articles like this make a refreshing change from the usual rubbish served up in the mainstream press. Far too often, other articles don't go beyond lazy stereotypes about beer bellies and flatulence and the conclusion is the patronising "stick to wine, girls". If you're lucky, the hapless female reader is recommended tedious mass-produced fruit beers.

But Melissa Cole has done a great job here of choosing beers that demonstrate a wide variety of flavours and aromas (even if it is still a bit fruit-heavy).

As the furore over BrewDog Tokyo* shows, most people, unfortunately including health professionals dealing with alcohol abuse, still don't grasp the concept that beer is not just a fizzy yellow liquid you drink to get drunk (as it tastes so vile there is no other reason to drink it). Sadly it has often seemed overly optimistic to expect journalists to be better informed than the rest of us.

And it's not so long ago that newspapers would habitually just assign any story about beer to the member of staff who generally drank the most pints at lunchtime.

More articles like this are needed. More specialist off-licences where you can actually buy the good beer they write about. More tastings. More weird experimental beers. Good beer in bars and restaurants, not just real ale pubs.

"I hate Stella, Fosters and Carling," says Zoe Strimper in the article, and if that was what I thought beer was like, I'd think I didn't like beer too. Let's drink to hating Stella, Fosters and Carling!

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