Thursday, 4 June 2009

Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer

I found this in Peckhams, from Crabbies, the old-established Glasgow makers of ginger wine (Scottish Nationalists, and others who like to get uptight about these things, may be interested to know that the thistle-bearing packaging was created by a design agency in Leeds). Well done for putting it in a full half-litre bottle too.

I open the chunky glass bottle, and the first impression is ... not true to style. This is actually ginger ale! It's clear and bright, and the dark golden colour has nothing in common with cloudy grey ginger beer.

Heavily carbonated, it's quite clearly a soft drink led astray, not a descendent of traditional ginger beer, or even beer for that matter.

Very sweet. Ridiculously so. But it's pleasingly fiery. This is not tame old Schweppes — in the fieriness it can hold its own with leading representatives of the ginger beer milieu.

Because it's so sweet, the gingeriness is never harsh, There's also a lightly floral, spicy fragrance I can't quite put my finger on, but it reminds me of the legendary Austrian soda Almdudler.

Will I buy it again? Well, I didn't think I would, but I might do. This is an extremely successful take on ginger ale, and unique at the moment.

The only question is — what is the 4% alcohol actually for?


  1. I have been lookinmg for these so will try Peckhams. I am sure Tennets used to do an alcoholice ginger beer?

  2. I've had a bottle of this in my cupboard for a couple of months waiting for one of those chilly summer's evenings. Not sure I'm going to hurry to drink it.

  3. "The only question is — what is the 4% alcohol actually for?"

    Dear I say it - getting drunk?
    I'm assuming this is going to be advertised as an alternative to cider. I had one of these the other day and it went down a treat, I could sit at a pub and certainly drink quite a few. Does anyone know any pubs that sell it?

  4. Available in all Wetherspoons, numerous independent free trade, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Waitrose. Sponsoring the British Comedy Awards, advertising all over the telly.

  5. available in O'Kane's Dalmuir

  6. is this really a beer?...surely its alchopop

  7. Its lovely!! I am hooked.

    True Ginger beer....not ale !!

    Perfect taste profile for all types of people.

    They did not have it in my local, but I asked and they ordered some in....its going down a treat xxx

  8. This is Ginger Beer. Very few Ginger Beer's are cloudy in this day & age; and thank god they're not, it would take from the clean crisp taste of it. The alcohol compliments the ginger perfectly, it adds to the warmth the ginger brings.

  9. You don't know anything about ginger beer, do you Anonymous?

  10. Hi can someone tell me which pubs in Central edinburgh sell the delicious CRabbies? I know the cafe royal does but looking for somewhere different! Helpful responses only please!!! Thanks. X