Friday, 22 May 2009

We have mild, mild or mild. Take your pick.

Went to Blackfriars after work yesterday and was amazed. At the precise moment we arrived there was nothing but dark mild on the handpumps. Three different kinds of dark mild, to be exact. Now there's a pub. I've been looking for one like that all my life.

The three were Bateman's DM, Bank Top Dark Mild and Kelburn Dark Moor. Bank Top was more in-your-face than Bateman's with loads of chocolate malt. Both are splendid milds, but though I wouldn't have thought so beforehand, I actually prefer the more subdued, restrained Bateman's DM.

We didn't try Kelburn Dark Moor because by the end of our second pint of mild, Dark Star IPA had come on and I was desperate to try it. It was nice enough but not the mind-blowingly hoppy experience I was hoping for.

I seem to have lost me camera, so there are no pictures to illustrate this post. You all know what a pint of dark mild looks like anyway.

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