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Doppio Malto opens in Glasgow

  For the last two years or so (at least, that’s how long it feels like), I’ve been seeing adverts for Doppio Malto, who were, it was promised, just about to open up in Glasgow. I know little about the company other than that they have two breweries and a number of restaurants in Italy and a couple in France. The name comes from an Italian beer category, which in English terms is a little bit like calling yourself The High Gravity Brewing Co. Why add Glasgow? Why not? A rapid expansion is apparently envisaged, with talk of up to a hundred restaurants across the UK. Although it’s a chain, I am told that it’s still family-owned. I was not really expecting to be impressed, but when the enormous site on George Square (formerly the main post office and latterly a Jamie Oliver restaurant) finally opened a little over a week ago I did consider it my duty to check it out. My first beer is La Leila (4.8%, 21 IBU), a reasonably impressive pale lager. It presents well with a good head of foam, un

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